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CAD-CAM cabinet

CAD-CAM cabinet

Patients can follow the CAD-CAM technology used in the production of dental prosthetics during the design and scanning phases.

In a room specially designated for this purpose, our dental technologist is happy to help our patients in answering their questions or in the creation of individual dental prosthetics.

What is CAD/CAM technology?

CAD (Computer Aided Design) is a technology that provides computer aided design for the user. This method, which has been used for several decades in engineering and architecture, has only recently started to be used in dentistry.
CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) allows computer-controlled production of the designed product. The two tasks are not always connected and can often be used independently. We have been using this technology in 3 areas in our practice since 2009.

We almost always use CAD-CAM technology in the production of dental prosthetics.

The essence of the procedure is that the structures (prepared tooth, implant) prepared for implantation are digitalised and then the prosthetic is designed in 3D using a design software.

Digitalisation is performed with a laser scanner. This method allow us to design zirconium, aluminium oxide, e.max, titanium and Cobalt-Chrome-based dental prosthetics.

The designed dental prosthetics are made in milling centres located in various countries (e.g. Sweden, the USA). The procedure allows exceptional precision both in design and production.