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Implantology is a fundamental part of modern dentistry. It provides the opportunity for almost anyone to have better quality dental prosthetics. In our practice, we help to find the best solution by using various types of implantation systems and techniques.

  • One or more missing teeth in a row,
  • missing tooth at the end of a row,
  • and in case of complete edentulism, implants are used to fix fixed or removable prosthetics.

An implant can be placed immediately after the extraction of the tooth. This is called immediate implantation. This solution is primarily used for the replacement of aesthetic zone teeth (front teeth) with prosthetics. Tissues around the tooth (bone, connective tissue, gum) do not grow back after the extraction of the tooth. This solution helps to achieve the best, so-called “pink-white” or soft tissue aesthetics around dental implants. For this technique, we recommend the placement of implants that are specially designed for this purpose.

Implantation is most frequently performed in a delayed arrangement.
In such cases, the natural loss of bone tissue can occur after the extraction of the tooth. This can often only be accomplished with the replacement of missing bone tissue.
The burdening of the already inserted implant is allowed immediately, or, in many cases, a healing period of several months may be required depending on the quality of bone tissue.