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A periodontist provides treatment for periodontitis in our practice. Like caries, periodontitis can also be considered epidemic in Hungary. Dental plaque that covers the tooth surface is primarily responsible for the development of periodontitis, however, it can often be acquired, and genetic factors can also worsen the disease. Prevention is the most important factor which can be achieved with dental hygiene treatments and the replacement of inadequate fillings and prosthetics.

Why important?

It is the specialist’s duty to preserve the original status in case of an already developed disease. This is followed by the drawing up of a treatment plan which includes the teeth that can be kept and the ones that need to undergo further plaque and tartar removal. The specialist may perform reconstructive surgery for the regeneration of the already lost tissue (pockets).

The treatment of periodontitis can often take a very long time and include several years of follow-up. Regular plaque control is necessary, during which our patients master a completely personalised oral hygiene technique.